100% Marketing


The importance of having a strategic marketing plan and budget, no matter how big or small your company, cannot be underestimated.

Having analysed your market, customers and competitors, a cohesive action plan needs to be put in to place to ensure you have defined revenue goals and strategic tactics for the year. Your defined strategy then serves as your To Do list for the coming months and can be constantly measured to ensure you are receiving the right returns.

Your marketing plan should address the following:

  1. Situation Analysis – a detailed and honest assessment of your market, your competitors and the opportunities and challenges your business faces.
  2. Marketing Strategy – your specific business revenue goals, as well as a strategy for tackling the opportunities you identified in your situation analysis.
  3. Marketing Tactics – your action plan for executing the strategy. For example, Advertising, PR and  Sponsorship opportunities.
  4. Budget and Timeline – the projected cost and time related to your actions planned.

Having completed your situation analysis and prepared your marketing strategy, 100% marketing can then help you create a defined action plan and budget to achieve your objectives and goals; whether it be through advertising, PR, events, trade shows or social media campaigns.

Once approved, 100% will help you set a firm timeline for each tactic and can either hand over to your in-house team/resource or manage the execution of each activity on your behalf. 

Finally, once the action plan is underway, the budget is checked and reviewed every quarter with the aim of measuring all activity and whether you are seeing the return expected.